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Natalia Neneman

05/15/2021 - 05/16/2021

Originally from Park City, this up and coming professional has competed through the 4* level and has brought up multiple horses through the advanced level of eventing. After having worked for Buck Davidson for 5 years, Natalia now owns and operates her own business out of Ocala, FL. Her main focus is to create a positive and educational atmosphere for both horse and rider, while improving accuracy and building confidence at every level.

Sign up for a private dressage lesson on Friday, a 2-day jump clinic, or both!


Friday: Private Dressage Lesson

Saturday: Group Show Jumping 

Sunday: Group XC 

Please send payment to secure your spot.

Venmo: @Sarah-Ellington-2004


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Randy Ward


Join us for the Ride with Randy - TBD Edition! 4* Event rider William "Randy" Ward started riding with Olympic Hall of Famer Michael Plumb at the young age of 8, and began competing in earnest at age 12. He later went on to work with and learn from Bruce Davidson and his son, Buck, for many years and has since spent his lifetime developing his abilities both as a rider and trainer. He is accomplished through the advanced levels, and has brought up a large number of horses through the ranks who went on to compete successfully with amateurs and professionals alike.

For more information: About Randy Ward

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Daniel Stewart

08/01/2021 - 08/02/2021

Widely considered one of the worlds leading experts on equestrian sport psychology, athletics, and performance, Daniel Stewart is the equestrian sport psychology and rider-fitness consultant to many equestrian associations as well as top equestrian athletes. His clinics focus on creating strong minds (confidence, courage, concentration), strong bodies (strength, stamina, suppleness), and strong teams (camaraderie, cooperation, communication).

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Ride Well Dressage & Jumper Series

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